Planning a birthday party, wedding reception, or business meeting? Our
restaurant can accommodate parties up to 55 people. We can arrange to close our restaurant for your party, guaranteeing your privacy in our intimate environment.

Our Event Planner and staff will meet with you and customize a menu for your party. Here are some things to consider:

Do you have any vegetarians in your group? Let us know so we can prepare a fresh vegetable plate.
Do any of your guests have allergies?
Would you like a pre-fixed menu?
Would you like a pre-selected bier and wine list for your party?
If you would like to have your party elsewhere, we can bring our restaurant to you. Contact us and ask about catering for parties up to 250 people.



Our beloved Chef's Table is a great place to host a party.  It sits next to the bar with a great view of the entire restaurant, as well as being right in front of the refrigerator with a great view of the biers we are currently offering. 

When making your reservation, please ask for "The Chef's Table". It sits perpendicular to the bar and seats up to eight people. Of course if you are a smaller party we would be happy to accommodate you as well.  It can be a communal table where often times new friends are made!

Robert & Sheeba Lee
“Celebrate 20 Years of Love”
First Course
Mannequin Pis Salad - Bibb, Belgian Endive,
Cherry Tomatoes with Creamy Roasted Shallot Drizzles
Second Course
Ragout of Wild Mushrooms on Grilled Garlic Butter Bread
Gratinated Escargots in Wheat Bier Lemon Garlic Butter & Parmesan
Smoked Salmon, Parmesan Croustade, Horseradish Crème Fraiche
Wild Boar or Merguez or Venison Sausage
Served with Wilted Spinach or Red Cabbage or Carrot Stoemp
Main Course
Oven Roasted Sea Bass over Balsamic Shallot Lemon Sauce
on Stoemp, Gambass & Braised Belgian Endives
Oven Roasted Amish Chicken Breast with Brussels Sprouts,
Pommes Croquettes in Brandied Cherry Sauce
Carbonnade Flamande - Flemish Bier Beef Stew with Pommes Frites
Pan Seared Bacon Wrapped Whole Trout with
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes in Creamy Saffron Caper Sauce
Roasted Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon with Haricots Vert &
Pommes Risolées, Appalachian Mountain Blue Goat Cheese Sauce
Pot of Mussel Provencale (Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, White Wine) or Bruxelles (Goat cheese, Bacon, Bier) with Pommes Frits, Celery, Onion, Herbs, Garlic
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